Welcome to Kev-x Music

Greetings and blessings to all who find this website!

We exist for the purpose of providing relevant and non-traditional praise, worship, and intercession music for worship leaders and worshipers of Jesus Christ. As this site grows, we anticipate adding web links to various song styles and categories of worship and hope you will listen to and download those that you feel will increase your intimacy with the Lord and bring you closer to God through face-to-face encounters in personal worship.

About 'non-traditional'

Worship music varies greatly from church to church and the term "traditional" may not have the same value or meaning depending on one's upbringing. Being a member of two mainline denominations as a young lad, I understand the term traditional to mean "singing hymns and old choruses." While I greatly value hymns and choruses, the songs written and recorded here are decidedly not of that vein. The songs and styles differ but the songs are modern, singable (albiet more complex than a chorus) and most have been congregation-tested and have been a blessing to those who sing them. They are Bible-based, scripturally sound, and are written by an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One last thing:

I don't put my name on the songs but I do own the copyright as the owner of Kev-X music. These songs are registered with CCLI and I'd appreciate it if those of you who lead Sunday morning services would fill out your semi-annual CCLI reports and include me if you use any of these songs. I might make a few dollars and my wife and kids might be able to take a vacation some day...

With much love and admiration for any of you who actually read this stuff,




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